History H.W(16/8/17)

  1. Write the causes of Jallianwalla Bagh massacre?
  2. How was Non Cooperation movement unfolded in Stages?
  3. Write a note on Khilafat Committee and Khilafat Movement?
  4. How did different social groups conceive of the idea of Non-Cooperation?
  5. Why did the movement in the cities gradually slowdown? Give reasons.
  6. Why was their a Rebellion in the Countryside of Awadh?
  7. How Non-Cooperation Movement strated among Plantation workers?

Essay Competition on 19 Aug 2017

Dear Learners,

This Saturday i.e 19th August, there is an Essay competition by CBSE. So, prepare and come.

  1. Eligibility: Classes 9 & 10.
  2. One student can participate in only one language (English/Hindi)
  3. Essay should not exceed 700 words.
  4. Student must submit essay in his/her own handwriting.
  5. Topic: Small steps of fuel conservation can make a big Change.
  6. Time Limit : 1Hour